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We wanted to let you know that, in compliance
with the new data privacy law that was
introduced in the EU on 25 May 2018(GDPR), we:
  • Will never share your information without your explicit permission
  • Will never announce or give away what and how we collect, store, use and secure personal information
  • Will always protect your rights relating to the information we hold about you
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our motivation is to give back to the community that has fostered Born Interactive for more than 19 years. Whenever the opportunity arises Born Interactive, and within its capabilities, engages in socially value generating initiatives be it by providing talent, time or funds or generating awareness around social causes ranging from cultural, humanitarian, emergency and other. Below is a list of social initiatives that Born Interactive has performed and contributed to over the past couple of years.

  • eWishForLife
    Born Interactive in partnership with MaliaTec launched its 2013 socially engaged greeting initiative in support of the CCCL. The idea of the initiative revolved around a digital tree that we installed at the CCCL enabling users to send their wishes for free and 1 US$ was donated on their behalf for every wish to the CCCL. With the conclusion of the initiative, 5,000 US$ were donated by Born Interactive and MaliaTec to the CCCL.

  • Optinism
    willingly (Opt-in), and in a state of optimism, Born Interactive launched a proactive initiative, the "Optinism" blog, to face the negative vibes of 2009's global economic crisis.

  • Demonstrate For Peace
    Born Interactive partnered with the UNIC launching the world’s First Online Demonstration for peace.

  • The Lebanese Broadband Stakeholders Group
    Born Interactive supports all efforts aiming at establishing broadband services in Lebanon. We took part in the conception and creation of this website. We have also signed the Broadband Manifesto. Have you?

  • The American University of Beirut's Brave Heart Fund
    Born Interactive assisted in designing, developing and executing a micro-site and a social media campaign for the American University of Beirut's Brave Heart Fund. The campaign aimed to spread awareness for children with congenital heart diseases who do not have adequate funds to pay for proper treatment, while promoting Brave Heart Sponsored Ali Wehbi's efforts to spread awareness for this cause, by taking part in the Last Desert Race in Antarctica.

  • Roads For Life
    Born Interactive contributed in developing and designing the website of Roads For Life who’s main goal is to take care of Trauma Cases and Road Victims.

  • Apeal
    Born interactive contributed in developing APEAL’s website which is a non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing and encouraging Lebanese artists by projecting their artwork beyond conventional borders and onto a larger screen.

  • E-aman
    Born Interactive contributed in developing E-aman’s website that provides tips and principles for the community to act conscientiously online whilst providing tools to specific audiences on child online safety.
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